One participant wrote:

‘The whole of this activity also reminds of the wonderful potential we as human race have, one to do creative activities, and two to brush up on memories in a larger context and appreciate…hopefully the real purpose of history as a monitor and a mentor. Belligerent people haven’t done enough of these activities and haven’t understood anything about history either.’

Case study: Tate Liverpool
We are incredibly grateful to The Granada Foundation for their generous support of our recent education work in connection with the exhibition Centre of the Creative Universe: Liverpool and the Avant-Garde.
One element of this education programme, Homes, Histories & Hearsay, was particularly successful and will inform the way that the Gallery plans and delivers its Gallery education work for the public in the future. For the first time, Tate Liverpool was able to dedicate its ground floor Gallery to providing a large-scale activity space dedicated to deepening audiences’ experience of the art works on display.
The project used a collection of objects presented in eight numbered boxes in order to trigger memories. Participants then shared these on post-it notes displayed around the room and artist educators helped visitors to make connections with other people’s memories and with the content of the exhibition.

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