Case study: Royal Liverpool Philharmonic

We are delighted that The Granada Foundation is so generously supporting our flagship Learning programme In Harmony Liverpool.

Inspired by Venezuela’s El Sistema, In Harmony is using music to bring positive change to the lives of 151 children aged 0-13 years in West Everton’s Faith Primary School. Through daily, high quality music making in the West Everton Children’s Orchestra and associated ensembles, In Harmony has already had a dramatic impact in West Everton:

  • Significant increases in children’s educational attainment in reading and numeracy
  • 78% of children exceeding teachers expectations (compared to 20% prior to In Harmony
  • Improved Ofsted result;
  • Outstanding progress in children’s musical ability
  • Increases in pride and wellbeing.

With the support of The Granada Foundation, we will introduce a brass section into the West Everton Children’s Orchestra broadening the scope for musical engagement introducing new sounds, dynamics and skills. The brass section will include regular coaching by brass musicians from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and free access to high quality brass instruments.

“I started, and it was amazing. I’d never heard a violin and it wasn’t like any feeling I knew – it made you want to play and dance at the same time. It’s grand, really grand. Since this started, it’s dead cool to play a violin in West Everton.”
Kristy, West Everton Super Strings 
Quoted in The Observer, October 2010



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