Case study: Quarantine

We awarded a grant to support Quarantine’s ‘Grace’ parallel project performed at Contact in Manchester in 2005.

Grace was a big epic show which tried to squeeze a city into a theatre.

We all thought the show was inventive, witty, absorbing, intriguing, utterly captivating and engaging, and a breath of fresh of air. And like all great theatre, I still find myself thinking about the show 24 hours later. We've all become instant fans of Quarantine.
Audience member

It brought together a collection of people who apparently had little in common, to explore what connects us and what divides us.   As part of the process, writer Sonia Hughes ran a parallel research project, Grace Notes.  She took our questions from the rehearsal room out into the world, working with lawyers, cleaners, a group of homeless people, a policewoman, an elderly people’s dance group – and many more. 

It’s confirmed to me what every artist should know – that ordinary people lead extraordinary lives, and that my job is to find these stories and re-tell them as honestly as they’ve been offered.
Sonia Hughes

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