Photography: Chris Foster

Case study: Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

The Foundation supported the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry as far back as 2001 with a grant towards the ‘Introduction’ and ‘Mindmaze’ areas of a new Interactives Gallery, and again in 2004, with a grant for the ‘ViewSpace Portal’.
In 2010 ...

MOSI uses science busking as an educational tool to explain complex scientific theories using everyday items and simple activities. During Manchester Science Festival, professional science communicators and volunteers take hands-on, exciting demonstrations to popular and unusual public places.

Audience members learn about and explore the science of everyday and household objects. Activities include balloon skewers, fizz rockets and oven shelf music. The activities are endless and there is always something people can try themselves or can replicate at home. In 2009 Manchester Science Festival took science busking to Piccadilly Train Station, St Ann’s Square, Bury Market and the Trafford Centre.

Thanks to the generous support of The Granada Foundation Manchester Science Festival 2010 aims to build on the success of last year’s Science Busking programme to engage with even more residents across the city, particularly those who may not readily attend science-related events.


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